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The Memorable Reuinon !!

There are only handful of shows in the history of Television which can be termed as the shows which are “near to perfection”. But there’s one show which had gone ahead of that term and became the “Most Perfect” show and also went on to become the most consistent, most influencial and the most relevant show of All time and it’s called “ F.R.I.E.N.D.S”.

The Reunion episode of Friends started to create lot of buzz right from the announcement itself and it finally got aired on the 27th of May.

The show F.R.I.E.N.D.S created a huge…

The Soothing ‘Cinema Bandi’ !!

‘Innocence’ is one such human factor that creates a huge impact on the actions of a person and it has its own beauty where it makes certain hard or impossible things look easy and achievable. Everyone has a little innocence factor inside us and sometimes that factor makes us do certain different things and later keeps us in a spot where we face a lot of hardships. …

‘JATHI RATNALU’- A New Comedy Variant !!!

The entire world has been facing the most distressing and challenging times since the last year and it has been very tough. Talking about India, we as a society have a deep-rooted culture to celebrate certain things by gathering as a group and we are used to doing that for ages. Over time, ‘Cinema’ has also become a part of our culture and we started to celebrate it and even that celebration of cinema has come to a halt in the last one year.

Well, to counter these tough times, here’s a movie…

‘Ak vs AK’ — The Meta Madness

There are only a few directors in Indian cinema who are crazy enough to try different genres and explore every possible thing out there, ‘Vikramaditya Motwane’ is one such talent who loves to explore himself. The madness he unleashed in the film ‘AK vs AK’ had gone to another level, but did he succeed in continuing it throughout the film?

‘AK vs AK’, is a metafilm where the film revolves around the real-life celebrities who play themselves. The idea of the plot maybe be very exciting to hear but the risk involved in…

What does the re-opening of Theatres mean to Telugu cinema?

Well, finally that time has come for which millions of Telugu hearts have waited for a long time, that time has come where the whole cast and crew are gonna keep their finger crossed to witness the reception of the audience, that time has come where the producers and people involved in the cinema business are eager to analyze the box office numbers and to study the trend, ‘Solo Brathuke So Better’, which is releasing on Dec 25th will be the first Telugu movie to have a direct theatrical release…

What’s the main catch of Filmfare ‘OTT’ awards?

‘Recognition’ is one thing in the world of films which has to be considered as the most important factor. The dreams, the struggle, and getting a break in the movies, is not an easy task to achieve. There used to be very few opportunities to showcase the talent and it used to be very hard to get proper recognition.

But as time started to move forward and of course thanks to technology, we are living in the world of opportunities. …

Well, the long wait has been over and the entry of Netflix into the regional market started grandly. Although Netflix is a global platform with huge recognition across the world, the originals produced were limited to certain languages. It took a long time for Netflix to enter into a potential regional market space.

‘Paava Kadhaigal’, is the latest entry into Netflix and had been considered as an exciting film yet to be released because of the noted filmmakers of Tamil cinema’s involvement in the project. …

Is ‘Viraata parvam’ the most exciting Telugu film to look out for?

Telugu cinema is one of the rare film industries in India which has a huge audience and crazy fans. Every year the number of movies being produced rises and stories of different genres are being told. There have been many legendary actors, directors, and writers who took the industry to greater heights.

Things started to change slowly from the past 5–6 years, where new young writers and directors started to tell different and offbeat stories. In that process, many promising talents started to emerge.

‘Venu udugula’ is one…

What does the Reception of ‘Tenet’ in India convey?

Christopher Nolan is undoubtedly the most celebrated Director in the world right now. The larger chunk of movie lovers across the world adore him and they just wait for a Nolan movie to hit Theatres. Even in these unprecedented times, only Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ was seen as a saving grace for cinema and Theatre culture across the Globe.

Also, on the other hand, India is one special country, which celebrates cinema and adores many fantastic directors and actors across the world. ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Inception’ were the movies that created a…

Apart from its main purpose, what makes the project ‘Navarasa’ even more interesting?

The livelihood of many people across the Globe took a huge hit due to the current pandemic and those 5–6 months have been the toughest period in their carrier. Cinema, especially in India, was just seen as an entertainment medium and people often forget that there are lakhs of people whose livelihood is entirely dependent on Cinema.

We have seen many charity works from the top cinema celebs for their respective industry workers, but the Tamil movie fraternity took one step ahead and announced a movie, and…


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